About Us


Q-Tickets is the no.1 ticketing platform in the Middle-East offering a complete range of ticketing services for cinemas, concerts, events, festivals, shows, sports tournaments, arts, theaters globally. Headquartered in Qatar, the company holds a strong presence across 6 countries and is a revolutionary one-stop solution provider to all things entertainment. 


Q-Tickets is the perfect ticketing solution for consumers who are looking for a comprehensive and secure system to purchase tickets online. With Q-Tickets, customers have the freedom to buy and manage tickets to any event, at any time, from anywhere. Customers can purchase tickets to concerts, sporting events, theater performances, and more with just a few clicks of the mouse. The company also offers customers the ability to manage their tickets and view event information with ease.


Trailblazing innovations and going beyond ticketing, Q-Tickets has ventured into event production and continues to expand its operations, bringing the latest and most innovative ticketing and event management solutions within your reach.



Q-Tickets was founded with an assertive spirit and an earnest objective: to offer world-class ticketing services at revolutionary ease, and to everybody without boundaries, while leading the way for socially conscious and successful businesses.



Ever since its conception 9 years ago, Q-Tickets has been in the forefront of event management and ticketing in the GCC. Hence our vision to become the world’s number-one ticketing and event management platform is only natural. Aiming higher, we also want to keep growing and expanding into uncharted regions, challenging our boundaries at every opportunity, come what may.


Q-Tickets and Events WLL

29th Floor, Borooq Tower,

Building No: 190, Zone 61,

Street No: 836, Shamiya Street,

PO Box: 40780,

West Bay, Doha, Qatar

Contact Information: info@q-tickets.com


CR number: 63251