Say goodbye to generic emails that end up in spam folders! With Q-Tickets, we'll craft tailor-made emailers that will captivate your audience from the moment they land in their inbox. Our extensive database, meticulously gathered over the years, ensures that your message reaches the right people. With an astonishing opening rate of 20% - 35%, your brand will be the talk of the town!


Average deliverability rate: 99%

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User Statistics
  • 700K+
    Wesite Traffic
  • 350K+
    Wesite Users
  • 2M+
    Page Views
  • 1.2M+
    Customer Database


Embrace the digital age with Q-Tickets' cutting-edge digital marketing services. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to TikTok, we've got your social media needs covered! Our expert team will run targeted ad campaigns that will skyrocket your brand's recognition. With Google Ad campaigns, PPC advertising, and paid SEO, your brand will claim the spotlight it deserves.


Witness your brand go viral with our strategically placed digital ads. From popular websites to our widely-read blogs, and even our sister brands, your message will reach millions, creating maximum exposure and impact.


Average impressions per month:300,000 to 800,000

Q-Tickets website garners the majority of Qatar’s traffic for bookings related to all things entertainment, and is the go-to platform for the people of Qatar. And now, your brand can bask in the limelight too! Imagine your brand/event cover banner stealing the show on our main page – talk about making an unforgettable impression!


Step into the realm of immersive advertising with our in-store solutions. Placing customized standees at our famous 360 Play areas in prominent malls across Qatar will give your brand unparalleled visibility. Plus, in-store banner spaces for your content at our 360 Play outlets will further solidify your brand's presence.


With Q-Tickets' extensive network of cinema partnerships, we take your brand to the silver screen! Standee placements, physical banner ads, and eye-catching digital banners complete with QR codes are sure to pique curiosity and drive engagement.


Q-Tickets is a leading event coverage platform in the region. During the happening months of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the organization pioneered in the ticketing, coverage and promotion of a great many projects involving leading artists and sports champions. You can be sure to be at the forefront of the social media buzz with timely uploads and live broadcasts of your event reaching all the right audiences!


Get ready to be at the forefront of your audience's attention! With nearly 300K IOS and 250 K Android app users across Qatar, our push notifications will lead them straight to your brand's content landing page. With a jaw-dropping 40% success rate, your brand will be the talk of the town!