• 18-09-2022 to 18-09-2024
  • Onwards
  • Mall of Qatar, Doha, Qatar
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KidzMondo Doha is an international edutainment park for children between 2 and 14 years, featuring a self-sufficient City built for, and managed solely by Children who will be known as Kidizens. This mini city has its own economy and currency (Kidlar), public services and over 80 different professional role play activities contained within. It is a safe, interactive and educational environment, where kids simulate a profession, wear the respective uniforms and perform the role. Several roles will be available for role play including those of a doctor, pilot, barber, etc.

Children will be attracted to go through the different establishments, while providing them with a mental and physical voyage of investigation, exploration and adults' role play. Led by a highly qualified team of more than 170 educators, Kidizens will learn the complexities of the adult professional world. At any point of time, nearly 800 children can be a part of this exclusive facility and experience various pedagogical activities that will educate them about good citizenship.

Event Time:

Sat - Thu: 10AM to 10PM

Friday: 1PM to 10PM

Offer's Terms and conditions

Adults are all participants aged above 14 years.

One free adult entry for every fully paid toddler ticket of Qr. 90 or child ticket of Qr.135 per visit to KidzMondo, Doha.

Additional adults not accompanied by a corresponding child ticket will be charged the full adult admission price

The free adult entry is not transferrable to any other ticket class. (i.e non-transferable to child/toddler tickets)

The free adult ticket is non-transferable to any adult after entry to KidzMondo.

The free adult entry ticket is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Any special offers, free Vouchers, corporate offers, and/or discount applications are not applicable with/and in conjunction with this offer.

KidzMondo Doha wholly reserves the right to deny/reject admissions to the venue.

KidzMondo Doha's operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.

The Free adult promotion is valid until 18th October 2022.

More terms and conditions apply.

Toddlers Terms and conditions

All toddlers must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Toddlers can only enter the activites - Toddler's Inn, Painting School, police Station, Arts and Crafts, Barber Shop, Beauty Salon, Nursery.

Toddlers don't Earn or Pay Kidlars in any activity.

Adults are not allowed inside the establishments.

Adults are not allowed to queue on behalf of children.

Other terms and conditions may apply.