Mayonnaise & Rouge Band Live Concert

  • 13-09-2024
  • 07:00 PM Onwards
  • Holiday Inn An IHG Hotel, Al Massa Ball Room
Admission: 21 Years +


On September 13, 2024, Filipino bands Mayonnaise and Rouge Band will perform live in a much-anticipated concert. Known for their energetic performances and catchy hits, Mayonnaise, a well knowned band in the Filipino alternative rock scene, will be headlining the event. The band, celebrated for songs like "Bakit Part 2" and "Jopay," will bring their signature sound and engaging stage presence. Rouge Band, a rising all-female rock group, will add their dynamic energy to the lineup, promising a memorable night for fans. The concert is set to be a highlight in the local music calendar, showcasing the best of Filipino rock talent.

Gate Rules:

Below 21 Years Old are Not Allowed; Shorts and Slippers are not allowed (Men). National Middle eastern attire are not allowed, Thobe and Abaya.